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#149: 27 Post Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Soprano

27 Post Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Soprano - Rebecca Reid Vocal Studio

The post-Golden Age period in musical theatre, which began roughly in the 1960s and continued to 1969, represents a significant departure from the traditional musical styles of the Golden Age. It is characterised by a shift in themes, styles, and storytelling techniques and saw the beginning of more diverse narratives, experimental music, and socially relevant topics. 

The post-Golden Age period marked a significant evolution in musical theatre, both artistically and thematically. Exploring songs from this era allows singers to engage with diverse stories, musical styles, and character dynamics, helping them develop their skills and connect with audiences in a contemporary context.

To help you get started, here are 27 post-Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Soprano.



  1. 210 Dear Friend - She Love Me (Bock & Harnick)

  2. 66 Under the Tree - Celebration (Schmidt & Jones)

  3. A Quiet Thing - Flora, The Red Menace (Kander & Ebb)

  4. Before I Gaze at You Again - Camelot (Loewe & Lerner)

  5. Cry like the Wind - Do Re Mi (Stone, Comden & Green)

  6. Far from the Home I Love - Fiddler on the Roof (Bock & Harnick)

  7. Feelings - The Apple Tree (Bock & Harnick)

  8. Gooch's Song - Mame (Herman)

  9. How Lovely to Be a Woman, One Boy - Bye Bye Birdie (Strouse & Adams)

  10. I Don't Know His Name -  She Love Me (Bock & Harnick)

  11. I Like Him - Drat! The Cat! (Levin & Schafer)

  12. I Loved - Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris (Blau & Shuman)

  13. I Loved You Once in Silence - Camelot (Loewe & Lerner)

  14. I Remember - Evening Primrose (Sondheim)

  15. Love, Don't Turn Away - 110 in the Shade (Schmidt & Jones)

  16. Matchmaker - - Fiddler on the Roof (Bock & Harnick)

  17. Much More - The Fantasticks (Schmidt & Jones)

  18. No More Candy - She Love Me (Bock & Harnick)

  19. Ribbons Down My Back - Hello, Dolly! (Herman)

  20. Sons of… - Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris (Blau & Shuman)

  21. Take Me to the World - Evening Primrose (Sondheim)

  22. The Secret Service - Mr. President (Berlin)

  23. The Simple Joys of Maidenhood - Camelot (Loewe & Lerner)

  24. Vanilla Ice Cream - She Love Me (Bock & Harnick)

  25. What Does He Want of Me - Man of La Mancha (Leigh & Darion)

  26. What Makes Me Love Him - The Apple Tree (Bock & Harnick)

  27. Will He Like Me? - She Love Me (Bock & Harnick)


Exploring songs from this era offers singers a unique opportunity to delve into a rich tapestry of stories, musical genres, and character dynamics, facilitating their artistic growth and enabling them to connect with contemporary audiences. I hope you find these 27 post-Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Soprano inspirational.

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