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72 Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Mezzo Soprano/Belter

72 Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Mezzo Soprano/Belter - Rebecca Reid Vocal Studio

The Golden Age of Musical Theatre stands as a cornerstone in musical theatre's history, a period that shaped and defined the essence of musical storytelling. Spanning roughly from the 1940s to the 1960s, this era witnessed an explosion of creativity, introducing timeless classics that continue to resonate with audiences today. Soprano roles played a pivotal part in this era, bringing depth, emotion, and an enduring allure to musical performances. Their songs, characterised by their range and emotional resonance, left an indelible mark on audiences, elevating the storytelling and adding layers of richness to the stage.

During this transformative era, the Golden Age of Musical Theatre was not merely a theatrical phenomenon; it became an integral part of cultural history. Composers like Richard Rodgers, Leonard Bernstein, and Jule Styne, alongside lyricists such as Oscar Hammerstein II and Stephen Sondheim, crafted masterpieces that redefined musical theatre. Productions like West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music didn't just entertain; they became cultural touchstones, shaping the aspirations and imaginations of audiences around the world.

The enduring influence of these mezzo soprano/belter songs stretches far beyond their original performances. They've woven themselves into the very fabric of musical theatre and popular culture, leaving an indelible mark that persists through generations. These songs, with their emotive storytelling and melodic brilliance, continue to resonate with performers and audiences alike. They're not just musical numbers but windows into the human experience, capturing emotions and narratives that transcend time and space. Their impact is felt not only on the stage but also in the hearts of those who experience their magic.

These 72 Golden Age Musical Theatre songs for mezzo soprano/belter serve as a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring performers, offering a treasure trove of material to explore and interpret. They challenge singers to embrace the emotional depth and technical prowess required to bring these timeless compositions to life. Their ability to evoke emotions and tell stories through music remains unparalleled, ensuring their relevance in contemporary performances and adaptations.


Golden Age Musical Theatre Songs for Mezzo Soprano/Belter

  1. The Gentleman Is a Dope - Allegro (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  2. I Get a Kick Out of You - Anything Goes (Porter)

  3. Always True to You in My Fashion - Kiss Me, Kate (Porter)

  4. Why Can't You Behave? - Kiss Me, Kate (Porter)

  5. I Cain't Say No - Oklahoma! (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  6. Doin' What Comes Natur'lly - Annie Get Your Gun (Berlin)

  7. I Got Lost in His Arms - Annie Get Your Gun (Berlin)

  8. I Got the Sun in the Morning - Annie Get Your Gun (Berlin)

  9. They Say It's Wonderful - Annie Get Your Gun (Berlin)

  10. You Can't Get a Man With a Gun - Annie Get Your Gun (Berlin)

  11. The Man that Got Away - A Star is Born (film) (Heindorf)

  12. I Wish I Were in Love Again - Babe in Arms (Rodgers & Hart)

  13. Johnny One Note - Babe in Arms (Rodgers & Hart)

  14. The Lady Is a Tramp - Babe in Arms (Rodgers & Hart)

  15. I' m Going Back - Bells Are Ringing (Styne, Comden & Green)

  16. It's a Perfect Relationship - Bells Are Ringing (Styne, Comden & Green)

  17. Long Before I Knew You - Bells Are Ringing (Styne, Comden & Green)

  18. The Party's Over - Bells Are Ringing (Styne, Comden & Green)

  19. Stepsisters' Lament - Cinderella (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  20. A Little Brains, a Little Talent - Damn Yankees (Adler & Ross)

  21. How Are Things in Glocca Morra? - Finian’s Rainbow (Lane & Harburg)

  22. Look to the Rainbow - - Finian’s Rainbow (Lane & Harburg)

  23. I Enjoy Being a Girl - Flower Drum Song (Rodger & Hammerstein)

  24. Ain't There Anyone Here for Love? - Gentleman Prefer Blondes (Styne & Robin)

  25. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - Gentleman Prefer Blondes (Styne & Robin)

  26. I Want to Be Bad - Good News (Henderson, DeSylva & Brown)

  27. Adelaide's Lament - Guys & Dolls (Loesser)

  28. Take Back Your Mink - Guys & Dolls (Loesser)

  29. Everything's Coming Up Roses - Gypsy (Styne & Sondheim)

  30. Rose's Turn - Gypsy (Styne & Sondheim)

  31. Small World - Gypsy (Styne & Sondheim)

  32. Some People - Gypsy (Styne & Sondheim)

  33. I Never Has Seen Snow - House of Flowers (Arlen & Capote)

  34. We Deserve Each Other - Me & Juliet (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  35. Shy - Once upon a Mattress (Rodgers & Barer)

  36. Ain't Got No Tears Left - On The Town (Berstein, Comden & Green)

  37. I Can Cook Too - On The Town (Berstein, Comden & Green)

  38. It's a Helluva Way to Run a Love Affair - Plain & Fancy (Hague & Horwitt)

  39. A Cock-Eyed Optimist - South Pacific (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  40. Honey Bun - South Pacific (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  41. I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy - South Pacific (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  42. I Had Myself a True Love - St. Louis Woman (Arlen & Mercer)

  43. I'm Not at All in Love - The Pajama Game (Adler & Ross)

  44. Shopping Around - Wish you were here (Rome)

  45. One Hundred Easy Ways - Wonderful Town (Berstein, Comden & Green)

  46. Anyone Can Whistle - Anyone Can Whistle (Sondheim)

  47. There Won't Be Trumpets - Anyone Can Whistle (Sondheim)

  48. Cabaret - Cabaret (Kander & Ebb)

  49. Don't Tell Mama, What Would You Do? - Cabaret (Kander & Ebb)

  50. Maybe This Time - Cabaret (Kander & Ebb)

  51. Mein Herr - Cabaret (Kander & Ebb)

  52. So What? - Cabaret (Kander & Ebb)

  53. Adventure - Do Re Mi (Styne, Comden & Green)

  54. Don't Rain on My Parade - Funny Girl (Styne & Merrill)

  55. The Music That Makes Me Dance - Funny Girl (Styne & Merrill)

  56. Easy to Be Hard - Hair (MacDermot, Ragni & Rado)

  57. Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Loesser)

  58. Who Knows - I can get it for you wholesale (Rome)

  59. Miss Marmelstein -  I can get it for you wholesale (Rome)

  60. If He Walked Into My Life - Mame (Herman)

  61. The Sweetest Sounds - No Strings (Rodgers)

  62. As Long as He Needs Me - Oliver! (Bart)

  63. He Wasn't You - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Lane & Lerner)

  64. Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Lane & Lerner)

  65. What Did I Have That I Don't Have? - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Lane & Lerner)

  66. A Trip to the Library - She Loves Me (Bock & Harnick)

  67. If My Friends Could See Me Now - Sweet Charity (Coleman & Fields)

  68. Where Am I Going - Sweet Charity (Coleman & Fields)

  69. Gorgeous - The Apple Tree (Bock & Harnick)

  70. I Ain't Down Yet - The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Willson)

  71. My New Philosophy - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Gesner)

  72. Life Is - Zorba (Kander & Ebb)


The vast array of mezzo soprano/belter songs from the Golden Age encapsulates a rich tapestry of emotions, melodies, and storytelling. They represent a diverse spectrum of human experiences, from soaring joys to heart-wrenching sorrows. As we reflect on these classics, it becomes evident that their beauty lies not just in their melodies but in the universality of their themes.

For aspiring performers, these songs are more than musical pieces; they are gateways to understanding the intricacies of performance and storytelling. Embracing these classics is an invitation to explore the nuances of character, emotion, and vocal expression, enriching one's journey as an artist.

So, to those embarking on their musical journey or seeking to broaden their repertoire, delve into these classics with an open heart and an eagerness to interpret them in your unique voice. The richness and depth of the Golden Age mezzo soprano/belter songs await your exploration and interpretation.

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