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#146: 23 Opera Arias for Lyric Mezzo-Soprano

23 Opera Arias for Lyric Mezzo-Soprano - Rebecca Reid Vocal Studio

A lyric mezzo-soprano is a female voice type characterised by its warm, velvety timbre and a comfortable range that typically extends from the A below middle C to the second A above middle C. This voice type often possesses a smooth and seamless vocal quality, allowing for fluid transitions between registers. Lyric mezzo-sopranos are adept at conveying a wide range of emotions, from tender vulnerability to fiery passion, making them highly sought after for a variety of operatic and vocal repertoire.

One defining trait is the voice's natural agility and flexibility, allowing singers to navigate intricate melodic lines with ease. Additionally, lyric mezzo-sopranos often possess a rich and resonant lower register, which lends depth and power to their performances. This lower resonance is often complemented by a shimmering upper register, providing a balanced and captivating vocal sound across the entire range.

Choosing the appropriate repertoire is crucial for any singer, but it is particularly important for lyric mezzo-sopranos due to the unique qualities of their voice. The ideal repertoire for a lyric mezzo-soprano showcases her vocal strengths while also challenging her artistic capabilities. Here are 23 opera arias for lyric mezzo-soprano:


Opera Arias for Lyric Mezzo-Soprano

  1. Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio – Le nozze di Figaro (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

  2. Voi che sapete - Le nozze di Figaro (Mozart)

  3. Ah scostati / Smanie implacabili  – Così fan tutte (Mozart)

  4. Nobles seigneurs, salut! – Les Huguenots (Meyerbeer)

  5. Una voce poco fa - Il barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini)

  6. Nacqui all’affanno / Non più mesta – La cenerentola (Rossini)

  7. O patria! / Di tanti palpiti – Tancredi (Rossini)

  8. È sgombro il loco / Un bacio ancora – Anna Bolena (Donizetti)

  9. Ascolta! Se Romeo t’uccise un figlio – I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Bellini )

  10. Dopo l’oscuro nembo – Adelson e Salvini (Bellini)

  11. Connais-tu le pays – Mignon (Thomas)

  12. C’est moi / Me voici dans son boudoir – Mignon (Thomas)

  13. Faites-lui mes aveux – Faust (Gounod)

  14. Vois sous l’archet frémissant  – Les Contes d’Hoffmann (Offenbach)

  15. Vous aimez le danger / Ah! que j’aime les militaires – La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein (Offenbach)

  16. Ich lade gern mir Gäste ein  – Die Fledermaus (Strauss Jr. )

  17. Parto, ma tu ben mio - La clemenza di Tito (Mozart)

  18. Deh per questo istante solo – La clemenza di Tito (Mozart)

  19. Werther! Werther! – Werther (Massenet)

  20. Va! laisse couler mes larmes – Werther (Massenet)

  21. Buon giorno, Fritz! / O pallida – L’amico Fritz (Mascagni)

  22. Wie du warst! – Der Rosenkavalier (Strauss)

  23. Sein wir wieder gut – Ariadne auf Naxos (Strauss)


I hope this list of 23 opera arias for lyric mezzo-soprano sparks some inspiration.

By selecting the right repertoire that highlights the unique qualities of the voice, lyric mezzo-sopranos can captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression with their artistry and talent.

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* Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional or medical advice. Singers and professional voice users should always consult with qualified professionals, such as singing teachers or medical practitioners before making any decisions or taking any actions related to their vocal health and wellbeing.


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