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#130: 26 Opera Arias for Dramatic Soprano

26 Opera Arias for Dramatic Soprano - Rebecca Reid Vocal Studio

The dramatic soprano is characterised by a rich, powerful voice with a dark and velvety tone. This voice type typically possesses a wide vocal range, often reaching from the lower registers with strength and depth to the soaring heights with clarity and brilliance. What truly distinguishes the dramatic soprano, however, is not just her vocal abilities but also her ability to convey deep emotion and intensity through her singing.

For a dramatic soprano, selecting the right repertoire is of paramount importance. Unlike other soprano voices, dramatic sopranos excel in roles that require not only vocal agility but also a strong dramatic presence. From the tragic heroines of Verdi and Puccini to the formidable Wagnerian heroines, the repertoire for dramatic sopranos is as vast as it is demanding.

Choosing roles that complement the unique qualities of the dramatic soprano voice is essential for showcasing its full potential. These roles often require the singer to navigate through a range of emotions, from unbridled passion to heartbreaking despair, all while maintaining vocal control and power. Additionally, the dramatic soprano repertoire often features characters with a commanding stage presence, making it essential for singers to embody the role both vocally and dramatically.

Here's 26 opera arias for dramatic soprano.



  1. Und ob die Wolke sie verhulle - Der Freischutz (Weber)

  2. Dich, teure Halle, grub ich wieder - Tannhauser (Wagner)

  3. Einsam in truben Tagen - Lohengrin (Wagner)

  4. Du bist der Lenz - Die Wakure (Wagner)

  5. Morro, ma prima in grazia - Un ballo in maschera (Verdi)

  6. Pace, pace, mio dio - La forza del destino (Verdi)

  7. Tu che le vanita conoscesti - Don Carlo (Verdi)

  8. Mi parea / Ave Maria - Otello (Verdi)

  9. Suicidio - La Gioconda (Ponchielli)

  10. De cet affreux combat / Pleurez mes yeux! - Le Cid (Massenet)

  11. Ebben? Ne andro lontana - La Wally (Catalani)

  12. Sola, perduta, abbanonata - Manon Lescaut (Puccini)

  13. In quelle trine morbide - Manon Lescaut (Puccini)

  14. Senza mamma - Suor Angelica (Puccini)

  15. Vissi d’arte - Tosca - (Puccini)

  16. Un bel di, vedremo - Madama Butterfly (Puccini)

  17. Io son l’umile ancella - Adriana Lecouvreur (Cilea)

  18. La mamma morta - Andrea Chenier (Giordano)

  19. Gluck, das mir verblieb - Die tote Stadt (Korngold)

  20. Divinites du Stix - Alceste (Gluck)

  21. Abscheulicher, wo eilst du hin - Fidelio (Beethoven)

  22. Ozean, du Ungeheuer! - Oberon (Weber)

  23. Traft ihr das schiff - Der fliegende Hollander (Wagner)

  24. Hojotoho - Die Walkure (Wagner)

  25. Mild und liese - Tristan und Isolde (Wagner)

  26. Ritorna vincitor - Aida (Verdi)


I hope this list of 24 opera arias for dramatic coloratura sopranos sparks some inspiration.

By selecting the right repertoire and honing your vocal and dramatic skills, the dramatic soprano continues to enchant and inspire generations of opera lovers around the world.

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